Pick'em Rules

I would like to propose a “friendly” competition to bet on the outcome of the rest of the NFL playoffs and superbowl.

Everybody puts "$10" into the pot and are given "$100" fake dollars to make bets on the remainder of the NFL games. You can only bet on the current weekends games final outcome (with vegas odds) or the over/under on points. You can spread your betting around or put it all on one game. You have to bet at least ¾ of your stack each weekend. Whoever has the most money after the superbowl ends wins the ENTIRE real money pot. Once you are out of money you are out of the competition. If there is a tie (everyone left reaches 0) on Monday those people left will get a fresh set of "$100" dollars. If that happens on super bowl Sunday then we will bet on flips of a coin.

I will send an email setting the odds and over/under for that weeks games on Wednesday (I will use the odds from sportsbook.com obtained from sports.yahoo.com/nfl/odds)

This weeks odds and over/under are as follows

1) Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints

Saints are favored by 7 and the total points over/under is 57

2) Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts

Colts are favored by 6.5 and total points over/under is 44

3) Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings

Vikings are favored by 2.5 and total points over/under is 45.5

4) NY Jets @ SD Chargers

Chargers are favored by 7 and total points over/under is 42

Betting needs to be in whole dollars and you have to bet at least $75 this week. Here the format I would like the betting to be done in. If you are interested just respond with your picks by Sunday morning. I will worry about collecting money later. Since it is not fair for me to see everyone elses picks, I will send my picks to Brad (ny8g@yahoo.com)at the same time I send out the odds on Wednesday. Brad has kindly offered to keep me honest. The picks below are NOT my official picks they are just for example. I will find a way to publish the results on Monday so everyone can view it.


This means I am not betting on game 1)

2) Ravens-$10 Under-$25

This means I am betting $10 that the Ravens will be within 6.5pts of the Colts at games end (note they might lose but if they are this close I win). I am also betting $25 that the games score will be below 44

3) Vikings-$5 Over-$10

This means I am betting $15 the Vikings will win by more than 2.5pts (no tie possible) and that the combined points of that game will be beyond 44 (if the score is exactly 44 then it’s a push and I would get my bet back)

4) Jets-$15

This means I am betting $15 the Jets will be within 7 of the Charges. Note I have met my 75% requirement and am done for this week.

I have run this by a few of you and there is a lot of interest. So dont let lack of interest prevent you from joining. Including me I have at least 5 people in already.


1) Do I have to pay $10 every week?

No this is a one time payment, $10 real USD gets you $100 fake betting $$

2) Who collects the money and does all the bookwork?


3) When do I have to pay and how?

Pay Clint by 1/22/2010 either cash or via paypal (clintmeyer@gmail.com is my paypal acct)

4) How is the pot distributed?

Winner take all whoever has the most money after the superbowl gets the WHOLE pot

5) What if everyone goes out before the superbowl?

On Mondays is when things are re-evaluated. If everyone left is at $0 and there is another week then everyone left gets $100 for the following week.

6) What about a tie at the end?

Whoever is tied gets another $100 and we bet on a coin flipping all the same rules apply. For example I will send the odds (50/50) to everyone, everyone sends me their picks (must bet at least 75%) and then things are reevaluated until there is only 1 winner. This could get annoying so hopefully there isnt a tie.

A couple more clarifications.

You have to make your picks by 3PM Saturday. Originally I said Sunday, but since there are Saturday games the picks need in before them.

To avoid any sort of impropriety on my part, my weekly picks are being put in on Wednesday BEFORE i send out the line. I send that to Brad. Then you all send me your picks and i will update the spreadsheet.

On Monday i will release results and email everyone.

Good luck and have fun